iMacIt was iMac in fact that gave a real boost to Apple when things getting bad to worse for it. Nearly, ten years back, it had a robust G3 Power processor, a nice classic design with CRT monitor that combined screen and computer into one piece. Almost all, insiders as well as outsiders of the computing industry seemed quite impressed with it, as they found personals computers a real fun over dull and drab beige boxes.

Now almost a decade has passed, but it’s still a desirable object for a considerable number of users and Apple can well realize what their customers expect from them, at least the release of the latest iMac seems to suggest so. With Intel’s well known Core 2 Duo powerhouse and a flatscreen LCD monitor, the approach that has been tried to retain is the same al-in-one, but how successful it will be to keep it at computing forefront and design excellence, only time will tell.

Four configurations are there for the latest version that all house Intel Core 2 Duo processors with 2.66GHz to 3.06GHz range of speed, while they have 320GB to 1TB Hard Drives with the price range of £950 to £1800. In the lower price models, there are NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor, while NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 GPU have been housed in the higher price models.

They all, but the entry level model, have amazingly fast 4GB onboard RAM and a 24” screen. In the entry level model there is 2GB of RAM and 20” screen. All models have 802.11n standard for the wireless connectivity. The iSight camera has been mounted just above the screen that has the ability to put other available webcams in the shade.

We picked a 24-inch model in the quartet that featured Intel Core 2 DuoApple iMac 2.93GHz processor, a 640GB HD, 4GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 graphics processor.

What we found was that the machine really seemed to make the most of the boastful graphics processors, quicker chips for RAM and enhanced on-board memory. Though it had somewhat slower processor speed, it out-performed the previous year release in almost every department. Its brushed aluminum finish also seems to add a lot more charm in its slim looks and remarkably robust performance that can give you all that what you want from an excellent machine to watch movies, make videos, view videos or to do your other online chores.

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