Apple iPad Tablet

The new Apple iPad tablet is one of the most wonderful device. It has covered almost all devices like smart phone, laptop, gaming console and ipod in a single device. This is new device in class of ipad.

In this article I will disclose what is good and bad in it.

What Apple Tablet is?

Basically Apple tablet is one touch screen computer. And size of this tablet is 8×10 inch and come in three models (16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB) connect to the internet through Wi- Fi.The software use in iPad is same that are found in popular iPhone and iPod touch of Apple. This software is known as iPhone OS, and it is one of the most renowned operating system that is specially design for touch screen devices.

Apple iPad Tablet

People who have already used iPod or iPhone they found that iPad is user friendly device. iPad has included many features of iPhone like maps, photos, web browsing, music, videos etc. you can easily connect it to your computer through cable.


It has so many features. It can support multi task and multi touch capabilities. This iPad come with other features like internet connectivity, unbelievable battery life and many more other feature which made iTablet a successful device.

iPad Tablet

The list of features is given below:

  • It is come with LCD screen which is made of oleophobic-coated glass, which is very helpful in wiping out all finger print.
  • It has high definition prowess HD which is important 720p natively 1080p through external screen.
  • It has very incredible battery time you can manage it at least three hours continuously HD playback on a single battery charge.
  • It is use for eMagazine and e-Book which offers color, animation and adventure to its eMagazine readers.
  • It has 3G radio but you have to connect it with internet.
  • The awesome feature is that it is a touch friendly device and has iTune and a touch friendly iMovie.
  • It has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G network.
  • It has camera of 5 mega pixels which is dual sided. You can easily chat with your friends and family through iChat.
  • It has feature of multi touch from one device that browsing iTunes.
  • The main aim of apple is to compete with note book and net book in the market. And multi tasking is one of the features which can compete with others.
  • Most of the users want that device must have feature of long lasting battery. It has battery life time of 10 hours which is enough for games and movies.
  • It has all the applications which iPhone has. There is no new application in it other then iPhone.

What is good in it?

  • The resolution of screen is very beautiful.
  • It screen is 9.7 inch with 1024 x 768 high resolution display.
  • The color of iTablet is vibrant.
  • It has very impressive technological specifications.
  • The CPU is very fast and handy device.
  • It has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device.
  • The angle of screen is very good.
  • The quality of audio is good as compare to iPod touch
  • It offers you smooth and balance sound.
  • It has integrated speaker, microphone, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and digital compass.
  • It has 30 pin dock connector that helps user to connect accessories of iPad like camera or keyboard.
  • It also support different languages which include English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russia.
  • It also has a spotlight search which allows its user to search across Apple iPad and its integrated applications which include mail, contact, calendar, iPod and Notes.

What is bad in it?

  • It is very big in size.
  • It limits the multi tasking capabilities.
  • It is very costly then average net book.
  • It does not have any multi tasking. Only one application at one time.
  • It doesn’t have any camera.
  • Have no web cam.
  • Have no video conferencing.
  • No SMS application means you can’t text.
  • It does not have flash player.
  • No USB port.
  • It dose not have glaring features.

By looking at its all good and bad point we can say that it is future of the personal computer. Apple is very well known company in the market and one can easily trust on it. It is the most rejoiced gadget of the year. So you have to keep in mind all its negative points before making buying decision.

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