Get to charge and sync your Apple handset every day as you now get to grab a handful of odd gadgets every year, this is quite a unique piece of addition this year. Apple is now bringing you 20 slot iPod dock through Parasync. Now you can surely use this trendy little thing for your pleasure.

 sCredit: t3

There is an astonishing collection of 20 Apple devices that Parasync Charging and Synchronization Dock bring about. You can now charge anything from iPod Classics, Nanos, Touches as well as all your different iPhones. You can even touch and tune up all your iTune programs through here.

This dock program is going to be on full fledged program that will accommodate these curios docking features. Also this is something that Apple enthusiasts will greatly relate to. Office works now will be done easily.

But if you are really up for it you have to contact the Apple office directly. There are new videos up for demonstrating on the charging system as well as the synchronization.

Source: T3

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