Do you have strange problems with your media players? For instance you are deeply in love with your iPod but on the other hand, you hate the very name of iTunes? Now, another situation is that you love iTunes application but you want to use it with some of your non Apple music payer. Also, it might be that you want to have handy lyrics in your iTunes. All of these three problems will be solved for you by us today in this article. So do not worry about these issues, and go on reading the article.

1) If you love iPod but hate the iTunes, then here is the solution for you. iTunes is not the only program available in tech world that can manage your

iPod, there are many other, too. You are not forced to use iTunes with your iPod if you have no taste for it. You might be in search of missing features like automatic video conversion or the capability to drag music from an unfamiliar iPod to a PC. In such situation, you can use iTunes alternative.

You can get Mediafour XPlay for $30. It combines with Windows Explorer and works with Windows Media Player and Media Center, and with iTunes, too. File management controls are the same a sin Windows explorer. Drag and drop is also available. It offers quick tagging, album art editing, and playlist management options, plus managing photo son iPod; but it lacks custom skins and tagging templates. You won’t have to reformat the iPod to use with a PC. It reads files from both iPod and iPhone.

Also, there are free options like Floola and Winamp. The former is able to convert videos for iPod playback, and the latter is an absolute music application alternative.

2) Now, the case is opposite. You adore iTunes, but hate the very look of iPod. In simple words, you want to use the iTunes application with one of your music players else than iPod. Here is the solution. “iTunes Sync” is a free Windows utility, which is able to sync iTunes playlists with a broad range of music players and few mobile phones, too. This application is limited to such music players that are assigned a drive name when they are plugged in, for instance, the BlackBerry Pearl, Creative Zen Stone, and Motorola RAZR V3. Though the application is free, the author accepts donations.

3) Now, you need those lyrics to be in front of you automatically in iTunes. Here is a solution name of which is Floola. It is a free application but is full featured. It can be used as a complete iTunes alternative. Close the iTunes, install and launch the application and iTunes will open automatically. Obtain the lyrics for individual or multiple tracks by selecting them and hitting the “get Lyrics” tab. Updating whole library is also possible.

I hope that this article was easy enough for you to understand as well as make use of it by following the directions stated therein. Meet you next time with more tips and tricks.

Source: PCWorld

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